American Ski Classic

The US Ski & Snowboard Museum and Hall of Fame hires eef4kProductions to produce their annual banquet as well as their television show.
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Todd Brooker

I’ve known Hayden and the crew at eef4kProductions for over 15 years, and we’ve worked together on all kinds of projects, like the annual Korbel American Ski Classic and the World Powder 8 Championships.But, it has never seemed like work! Always willing to listen, to share ideas and work as a team – that’s just the professional way they do business.I’ve been proud of my association and friendship with Hayden and everyone at eef4kProductionsget.

Tim Ryan

When announcers work with production units, they expect them to be professionals, ready to go with the latest equipment, a passion for their task, a love for the sports they are covering and a sense of team spirit. Hayden Scott’s eef4kProductions has all these ingredients, as I have experienced over many years of working with them and my colleague Todd Brooker on the Korbel American Ski Classic for the Vail Valley Foundation. It is a creative team, always willing to try new things during the shoot, making good programs with intelligent, dynamic editing and a close rapport with the announcers doing on-cameras and voice-overs. Hayden, Abe, TJ and their hard-working crews always make it fun to be with them. At the end of the day, eef4kProductions always shows itself to be among the top sports and commercial production companies in the U.S.